Wedding Photographers Dhaka

May 13, 2017

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Rising demand for wedding photographers Dhaka 


The demand for wedding photographers Dhaka is on the rise. More couples than ever are keen to spend a high proportion of their wedding budget on pre-wedding, wedding shoots and videos. Thus, giving photographers the great opportunity to take a bigger slice of Bangladesh’s weddings business. Wedding photography as a business is growing at phenomenal pace.

wedding photographers Dhaka 
BD Photographers

“People are interested to expend more money now compared to what they were spending even few years,” “It’s a status symbol now to spend money and have good (pictures).”

Professional photographers, some of whom charge as much as 20,000 to 100,000+ taka for a single day, have not seen any strike in client demands.

Reasons for higher spending on wedding photographers Dhaka 

People increasingly are considering to compensate higher prices for photographers who can capture the essence on their subjects through candid shots.

The price hike is due to increase in photography supply costs.

In fact it’s the willingness of Bangladeshi families to spend even more on high-quality wedding photography.

Eventaully, more people choose to become wedding photography as a career option, despite graduating from Bangladesh’s best universities and working for top private companies. This is happening as Bangladesh’s economy grows at its fastest pace in a decade aming to become digital Bangladesh.

Here BD Photographers is playing a vital role in connecting photographers with clients all over Bangladesh. It’s Bangladesh’s first ever photographers’ directory.

The directory is designed to simplify the selection process for consumers looking for pro photographers to shoot special occasions. The interface is attractive, fluid, easy-to-use and packs in a number of well thought-out features for both the consumer looking for a photographer and for the photographer to manage their online presence.

BD Photographers is all about enabling consumers & photographers in their photography journey in a seamless & efficient way. BD Photographers aims to be the trusted partner of both consumers & photographers and is building a technology enabled ecosystem to serve both in a simple & intuitive way.

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