• June 1, 2017

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    The Tale of Amazing Yousuf Tushar Photography

    The Tale of Amazing Yousuf Tushar Photography   Tushar is recognized as one of the leading freelance documentary photographers in Bangladesh. Photography is his hobby, his passion, and his profession. Photography is his love, his life. His photography is the other name of his love and lust for life. Since 2000 he has been working … Continue reading The Tale of Amazing Yousuf Tushar Photography

  • July 23, 2017

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    Commercial Photographers in Bangladesh

      Commercial Photographers in Bangladesh   Running a retail or ecommerce business selling and from day one the goal is to sell products online so out came the point and shoot camera started taking pictures of products and they look pretty bad. If you are facing such problem then this article is for you. Your … Continue reading Commercial Photographers in Bangladesh

  • July 20, 2017

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    Babies and Kids Photographers in Bangladesh

    Babies and Kids Photographers in Bangladesh    Ohh! its  12 O’clock Facebook timeline is getting flooded wishes, tagged pictures with near and dear one. Moreover, inboxes of your smart devices such as messenger, imo, whatsapp are full of wishes. Yes guess right we talking about a special occasion of someone’s life e.g., birthday / anniversary … Continue reading Babies and Kids Photographers in Bangladesh

  • May 23, 2017

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    Bangladeshi Photographers

    Bangladeshi Photographers & Analysis of current scenario: In recent years, the number of photographers in Bangladesh is growing at a rapid pace. There are now quite a good number of photography schools in Bangladesh especially in Dhaka. It’s great that students are keen to learn photography and the culture of learning photography is on the … Continue reading Bangladeshi Photographers

  • May 13, 2017

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    Find Photographers in Bangladesh

    How to Easily Find Photographers in Bangladesh BD Photographers Directory (www.bdphotographers.com), Bangladesh’s first & largest online database of professional photographers. The directory is designed to simplify the selection process for consumers looking for pro photographers to shoot special occasions. The interface is attractive, fluid, easy-to-use and packs in a number of well thought-out features for … Continue reading Find Photographers in Bangladesh

  • October 9, 2017

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    Best Product Photographers in Bangladesh

    The truth is if your products pictures suck, it does not matter how awesome your products are. Clients simply not going to have an interest in them.     So where you find Best Product Photographers in Bangladesh? www.bdphotographers.com, country’s first ever photography directory, is the best website in Bangladesh to find photographers who specialize in … Continue reading Best Product Photographers in Bangladesh

  • July 4, 2017

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    WEDDING SOLUTIONS – Best Wedding Planner Bangladesh

    WEDDING SOLUTIONS – Best Wedding Planner Bangladesh   YOU IMAGINE, WE MAKE IT HAPPEN   Wedding Solutions, Best Wedding Planner Bangladesh,  is a full service wedding planning and Coordination Company. We love to make you special. Our each work and creation is unique for every couple. With our personalized style and approach, we help bring your … Continue reading WEDDING SOLUTIONS – Best Wedding Planner Bangladesh

  • July 8, 2017

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    Nijolcreative Exclusive Photography Packages

      Check Out Nijolcreative's Premium Wedding Photography and Cinematography Packages exclusively at BD Photographers.   Single Event Photography Package Only     Executive Photography by NijolCreative Team       Photography Package EASY   Package Cost: BDT 8,000 Duration: 4 hours (approx.)   Package Includes: #          01 Associate Photographer Will Cover the Whole Event #          20 … Continue reading Nijolcreative Exclusive Photography Packages

  • October 13, 2017

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    Best Fashion Photographers in Bangladesh

    Fashion is one of the most vibrant areas of professional photography. Though only a handful top photographers end up with the glamorous image of international travel, exotic locations and gorgeous models, there is consistent demand in the fashion industry for originality and creativity. Search best fashion photographers in Bangladesh:   Best Fashion Photographers in Bangladesh   … Continue reading Best Fashion Photographers in Bangladesh

  • August 26, 2017

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    অনলাইনে ফটোগ্রাফার খোঁজার সুবিধায় বিডিফটোগ্রাফারস

      দেশের ফটোগ্রাফি ইন্ডাস্ট্রি সময়ের সাথে পাল্লা দিয়ে সমৃদ্ধশীল হয়ে উঠছে। দিনদিন দেশে ফটোগ্রাফির চাহিদা যেমন বাড়ছে, তার সাথে পাল্লা দিয়ে ফটোগ্রাফারদের সংখ্যাও বেড়ে উঠছে। এক সময় তরুণদের কাছে যেই ফটোগ্রাফি ছিলো নিছকই শখ, আজ সেই ফটোগ্রাফিই তাদের কাছে পেশা। পেশা হিসেবে ফটোগ্রাফির সম্ভাবনার দ্বার এদেশে উন্মুক্ত থাকলেও দেশের সমস্ত ফটোগ্রাফারদের একটা অদ্বিতীয় প্লাটফর্মে নিয়ে … Continue reading অনলাইনে ফটোগ্রাফার খোঁজার সুবিধায় বিডিফটোগ্রাফারস