Commercial Photographers in Bangladesh

July 23, 2017

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Commercial Photographers in Bangladesh


Running a retail or ecommerce business selling and from day one the goal is to sell products online so out came the point and shoot camera started taking pictures of products and they look pretty bad. If you are facing such problem then this article is for you. Your problem can be addressed by a professional photographer specifically commercial photographer.  As the economy of Bangladesh is growing and so is the demand for “Commercial Photographers in Bangladesh”.



What is Commercial Photography


So what is exactly commercial photography even among photographers this is often confused first it’s easier to define what’s not commercial photography VS what is so let’s over some of the types of photography that are not commercial the first is personal usage or b2c type of business. B 2 C stands for business to customer where you as the photographer the business are creating something that goes directly to the customer without anything in between this includes weddings, families and senior portraits if you have that type of business that’s not commercial. Next is editorial if you do editorials then your images are probably showing up in magazines or newspapers and they are telling more of the story versus trying to sell anything specific whether that’s a person or a product so if you are doing editorial work the fee structures are drastically different and sometimes significantly lower than commercial and that’s still an okay business model but is not commercial photography.




Commercial photography is a service you as a photographer are creating a b2b type of business which means business to business when it comes to style commercial clients could be looking for anything whether it’s clean and natural stylized and polished or raw and gritty. Style is really determined by that company’s brand and how they intend to uses the photo remember commercial photography is persuasive. The clients hiring you to create a mood that sells their product. Their product could be a physical item or it could be just a company image or it could be even a person such as if you are doing actors head shots or promo work if you are a wedding photographer and sell wedding image to a company for their advertising whether it’s a venue, florist, or even a web hosting company that caters to other wedding industry profession just because you are selling a commercial usage for that image does not mean that the entirety of your business is a commercial photography business while some consumer photography work blurs the lines of turning into commercial photography.


Challenges of Commercial Photography


Commercial photography Includes Advertising, Product Shoot, Art And Culture, Automobile, Real Estate, Interior And Architecture, Sports, Documentary, Food, Photojournalist, Stock Photography, Industrial Shoot, Hotels and so forth. So, Commercial Photographers in Bangladesh has scope of working in a wide range of industry. One day you may work for high end jewelry then the next day may be food and after that industrial shoot. So. Each project is way apart but the goal is the same is capture images to boost in customers and sales.


Product Shoot, Retail and E-commerce photography are great avenues to get started. Product photography is surprisingly challenging to do well. Technical aspect, knowledge, equipment of product photography are needed.


Assuming one has all the knowledge and technical experience then it really comes down to a game of millimeters the tiniest movement of a light modifier or the change in diffusion materials but the camera angle or product position it can make all the difference between an average photo that blends in with the masses and a marketing image that will sell. We obsessively fuss over the minute details but we have to that’s what sets you apart and really for nothing else it’s the sleep at night factor it’s the sense of pride in your work. Product photography is all about problem solving, there is not a magic generic set up that works for all products where you just plonk the products in and they look the best they can. It’s a shame as each setup needs to be sweetly finessed for that particular product so the light follows the curves or emphasizes the shape or depth or really showcases the texture in the material of that product again it’s a game of millimeters and is all in the detail and then there is consistency it does not matter if we’re photographing 50 products in a day or matching a single shot taken a year ago we obsess about consistency and it’s really important that all the imagery hangs together. The biggest asset for the clients is a photographer who truly care about their businesses.


Some clients come to photographers knowing exactly what they want it’s purely just photographer job to execute their ideas and bring their ideas to life.


Other Clients come to photographers knowing that they need photo or videos and really have no idea where to start that makes some photographers excited who love that. It gives photographers opportunity to explore and find what is working out what’s going to give them the most benefit for their and the best way to go about that.


"Businesses grow through having the right photos and videos"


Small, medium and large businesses dominate over Bangladesh's $175 billion economy, which has grown at an average rate of 6 percent since the last decade.  In between the economy has evidenced lots of shifts such as over a decade ago there was nothing like ecommerce or digital marketing but now Bangladesh has got thousands of ecommerce sites. All these in turn create the spectrum of digital marketing. Digital marketing is mainly based on digital content such as images, videos, & writing like blog post, reviews etc. It creates huge work scope for commercial photographers. Ecommerce involves in selling products online needs high quality of images and advertising videos for marketing their products and generating sales. So, the demand for product photography in Bangladeshis on the rise.


Since 1980’s RMG sector of Bangladesh is playing a vital role in the economy of Bangladesh.  The Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector has emerged as the biggest earner of foreign currency of Bangladesh. Now, there are more than 4,000 garments in Bangladesh. This also creates huge opportunity for "Commercial Photographers in Bangladesh". As there are huge need of industrial photo shoot and lots of corporate events to cover.


So the prospect of commercial photography in Bangladesh is very high and in near future it will generate huge employment opportunity.


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