Bangladesh’s First Ever Photographers’ Online Platform

March 26, 2017

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BD Photographers – Bangladesh's First Ever Photographers' Online Platform Launches

The photography industry continues to thrive rather amicably in the country. With the growing number of options most clients often feel confused at finding the perfect photographer. Finding a reputable photographer can be a tedious job. Search engines only provide an endless list of websites, requiring a lot of additional research and patience and as for professional photographers, marketing a business can be a full-time job in itself, one that is both daunting and time-consuming.



The social media particularly Facebook has eased the situation a bit through photography groups and pages. However, in a Facebook dominated Bangladesh the absence of an independent platform dedicated towards addressing the searching issue of photographers is what motivated the founders of BD Photographers to take this challenge.

BD Photographers is trying to ease this problem further. Imagine a website where photographers can create and publish their profiles with category wise pictures, videos, pricing, info, reviews & ratings, contact details & much more…..

BD Photographers provides all these under one platform.

BD Photographers has set out to change the way people find photographers. It is created to simplify the search process so clients can use the powerful but simple interface to browse by location, budget, & category. Built in features allow clients to review portfolios, get in touch, compare prices and much more to find the right photographer to hire, and photographers can book more jobs with qualified clients.



The founders of BD Photographers point out that even though Facebook and Google partially address the issue, the information that is currently largely disorganized and not comprehensive.

At its core, the website is just like a search engine. Its main differentiation is its ease of use as it provides photographers’ suggestions by name, type of photographer (like wedding, commercial etc.), & even location (users can search for nearby photographers).

From engagements to weddings to kids’ birthdays, graduation ceremonies, corporate events, editorial to advertising work, wildlife to product photography, clients can discover and connect with photographers best suited for their needs.

BD Photographers has put together the most comprehensive directory of photographers who specialize in every category imaginable, so clients can find the perfect photographer for their next project—be it a corporate event, a family occasion, a wedding, or capturing images of loved ones.

A user may also read exciting reviews of the photographer that others have left. A user may also share photographers’ profiles through social media (e.g., Facebook, Google plus, Linkedin).

The Professional Photographer's Directory comes to you from BD Photographers, Bangladesh's first & largest online photography platform.

BD Photographers – Connecting photographers with customers, all over Bangladesh!

Your search for top-of-the-line photography solutions has ended!

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