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NO!! BD Photographers is and will remain free for all the users searching photographers. You’ll never be asked to pay any fees to search the site or reach out to photographers.
From the homepage, enter keywords to describe the type of photographer you’re looking for and your location. After hitting search, you’ll get a list of photographers from the search results page, you can click through to the photographer’s profile to find contact information, pricing, samples of their work, and more.
Residing are the local photographers that means they both live and shoots in that city on the other hand serving means photographers who don’t live in that city but they are willing to come and shoot if they get hired.
In addition to keywords and location, you can further filter your search results using a couple of different options Specify your exact price range You can also adjust the sorting of your search results to ensure that your list of recommended photographers is sorted by the criteria that is most important to you.
No, we neither plan nor take performance responsibility. We only connect you to the trusted photographers
Whether you have decades of experience or you’re just starting out as a photographer, we want to make it easier to find the clients out there who are looking for your exact set of skills. BD Photographers is the hub for professional photographers of all genres to showcase their work in a visually captivating way and to reach potential clients. After setting up your profile, you’ll also have access to traffic-monitoring tools to see how much activity your page is getting. Altogether, this will become another effective way to generate more business without requiring much of your time and energy.
Search results are generated according to the package of the members like Platinum members will get first preference then Gold Then Silver then Basic. Users do have the option to sort the results by price, distance, or number of recommendations a photographer has on their profile. Every photographer listed on BD Photographers does not pays the same fee for each listing. There is an option to pay more for preferred placement.
Of course. In addition to checking off the “Willing to Travel” option, you can also list your services in more than one city.
Yes. Under your professional information section you can choose the categories and the respective sub-categories.
Yes, we will be charging a certain percentage of commission of the value of each assignment that a photographer will get awarded via our website.
We have subscription plans and photographers can choose according to their needs and preferences and they will be charged accordingly and all the payments will be made in advance. In addition, we will be charging BDT 2,000.00 minimum or 10% of the value of each assignment (whichever is higher) that a photographer will get awarded via our website.